“Besides the excellent returns (absolute and relative) delivered by Metis since our investment in the firm strategy, what we have liked is the dedication and sincerity with which the principals continue to work. From scratch, they have built a good foundation from which to expand the fund. The effort and focus they bring to their investment work is matched with their long-term vision to build a money management business that stands the test of time. They do not get swayed by macro factors which tend to be more frequent & temporary in an EM like India. These factors can cause many to take short-term calls which eventually end up being imprudent. Instead Metis managers keep their heads and wits intact and find businesses which are insulated and/or even benefit from a longer-term macro trend. We remain invested in their fund and recommend them highly to other investors looking for true alpha generation in Indian listed equity space.”

- CIO of a current family office investor from the Middle-East

“It is rare to find managers that work purely in client’s interest and the professionals at Metis have exemplified such a quality while they were managing my portfolio for the Indian markets. Given its level of inefficiency and lack of transparency, Indian markets require very high level of sifting, analysis and incisive research in order to identify businesses that can provide sustainable value in the medium to long-term. Metis PM’s clearly understand these challenges and position their portfolio that can primarily weather storms and create value. I like their approach, dedication, clarity of purpose and above all staying focused on genuine opportunities and not swayed by temporary aberrations of the market. I wish them good luck. Indian markets need such committed professionals.”

- Sr. Research Head of a large asset management/investment banking firm in the   Middle-East (investor in Firm strategy)